Friday, October 15, 2010

South Korea week 1

So this started off as a fashion blog, but its probably going to be more of travel/living abroad documentation space now because I just moved to South Korea one week ago today and I really don't feel like creating a new blog just for that. Though I will definitely touch on some South Korean fashion because South Koreans definitely have great style! I just got paid today so I am excited to go do some shopping maybe this weekend. I have seen so many cute clothing stores here and I need to get some more tops because a lot of mine are low cut and showing cleavage here is a big faux pas. Wearing short skirts and shorts with your ass hanging out is ok though! lol.

I went to Itaewon last weekend and it was really cool. For anyone that doesn't know, Itaewon, is an area of Seoul with a lot of foreigners so it was nice to see other people besides just Korean faces. I like Koreans, but its kind of strange coming from the USA and seeing so many different ethnic groups to a very homogeneous society that doesn't speak my language. I kind of like standing out though so its all good. While I was there I bought a hat that is super cute and I will have to post a pic sometime. I also saw some really cute shoes that I wish I had bought. This weekend I'm going to Insadong so maybe I'll find something adorable to buy. Speaking of adorable I went to Seoul today to get my alien card at the immigration office so I can get a cell phone and a bank account here.. Anyways the subway station closest to the immigration center had a freaking Hello Kitty store!!! If you know me you know i'm obsessed with Hello Kitty. There was a Hello Kitty store at the mall in the town I grew up, Birmingham, AL, I loooved going there as a kid. Obviously I haven't gotten over this obsession and I almost freaked out when I saw this store in the subway. I bought a mouse pad and some little twin stars stickers. I wish I had bought more, but maybe I'll see another Hello Kitty store somewhere closer to me.

Hello Kitty store in Omokyo station

Speaking of my area, I live in Bundang right by Yatap station. It is a very affluent area with a Home Plus, Kim's Club, and 2 subway stops from me is Seohyeon where there is an awesome mall called AK Plaza with stores like Prada, Burberry, Gucci, etc. My apartment building is also really cool. It has a convenient store and a super cute coffee shop on the street level. It has 16 levels not including 4 underground parking levels. I have already made friends with some of the coffee shop workers that have helped me out a few times when I had a question. By the way, I am amazed at how well a lot of people where I live speak English. I had heard a lot of Koreans were shy about speaking English, but most people I've talked have been really great and not ran away from me or anything lol.

outside AK Plaza

Well I am tired of writing now so I'll end it here. I'll write and add some more pics later.